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Kobe looks odd, a little creepy in high fashion shoot

Disclaimer: I am the last person in the world who should be discussing or writing about fashion. I own a lot of jeans and khaki colored pants because it’s very, very hard not to match things with those -- and I still screw it up. My wife has a lot of practice looking at what I put on and shaking her head.

But still...

The Kobe Bryant photos in this LA Times Magazine high fashion photo shoot are just wrong. Kobe in a series of all white looks. Some are fine -- the long sleeved shirt one, for example.

But the hat photo? And the shawl over his head? Um... that’s not working for us. Really, you need to click the link and decide for yourself, but I’m sure you’re going to side with me on this. Not good.

Maybe it would have worked better if he had gone with the game-face jaw jutting, under bite look. Certainly couldn’t have made it look worse.