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LeBron James wants NBPA to address position of cameramen at games after fall in Game 4

LeBron James

LeBron James


During Game 4 of the Finals in Cleveland, LeBron James crashed into a cameraman and suffered a cut to the side of his head. He was fine, but it raised a question that has been talked about in NBA circles for years: are cameramen too close to the court? James believes they are, and he and NBPA executive director Michele Roberts both want to discuss the issue with the league this summer.

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer‘s Chris Haynes, here’s what James had to say about it:

Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar LeBron James said in the offseason he would voice his concern with the close proximity in which photographers and videographers occupy the area around the basketball court.

“During the Players Association meetings in July, I’ll have some points that will be announced,” James told Northeast Ohio Media Group.

And here are Roberts’ thoughts on the issue:
“While I appreciate and enjoy up-close action shots of game play, do they really need to be that close to the action?” Roberts asked, in a statement to NEOMG. “I am no techno geek, but haven’t we evolved such that we can capture that action without being within inches of the game? Frankly for both the safety of the players and the camera men and women, we need to find a better solution.”

James and Roberts are both absolutely right. Camera technology is good enough in 2015 that moving the cameras a few feet back won’t really sacrifice that much in terms of quality of in-game action shots. What little change there would be is a small price to pay for a change that would be huge for everyone’s safety. These falls haven’t caused many serious injuries yet, but it’s inevitable that it happens at some point. The league needs to do something now before it gets to that point.