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Suns giving signed Devin Booker jersey, tickets to fan who beat up Nuggets fan

A Suns fan – at least somewhat in response to being attacked – beat up a Nuggets fan during Phoenix’s Game 3 win in Denver then shouted “Suns in four!”

After Suns completed the sweep, Phoenix star Devin Booker tweeted a screenshot of the viral video:

Zach Lowe of ESPN:

It didn’t take long for Booker’s representatives at CAA to find Nick McKellar, a lifelong Suns fan who now lives in Denver. Booker and the Suns are going to send McKellar a signed Booker jersey and provide him tickets to a conference finals game, both Booker’s reps at CAA and McKellar told ESPN.

The video begins with the fight already underway. It’s unclear what provoked it.

After intimating as if he were walking away from the skirmish, a Nuggets fan sucker-punched McKellar. McKellar responded by pummeling that fan. Though McKellar deserved room to defend himself and it’s hard to generate much sympathy for the sneak-attacking Denver fan, McKellar’s retaliation also seemed gratuitous.

But I guess Booker and the Suns felt this was one of those times to glorify fan violence.