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18 games likely will mean bigger rosters, more players in uniform on game day

As the momentum quietly builds toward an 18-game regular season, and in response to our item from earlier today, we’ve picked up some more details about the dynamics of the situation.

Per a league source, the players involved in union matters “know” the push for 18 is coming. The goal is to figure out what to request in return.

One item will be bigger teams. At least 55 on the active roster, and at least 50 in uniform on game day. The union also will want greater freedom for teams to make practice-squad elevations.

That’s just part of what the union should seek. For now, the NFL Players Association should be compiling a long list of requests in exchange for any agreement to go to 18 games.

And the less a concession costs, the more likely the owners will be to agree.