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2022 playoffs will have at least six new teams

Steve Kornacki dives into the different NFC playoff matchups and explains each team’s chances at winning, including Cowboys-Bucs, Vikings-Giants and more.

The NFL usually has playoff turnover in the range of 50 percent. It could happen again this year, if the Lions beat the Packers on Sunday night.

That would send Seattle to the postseason, and it would increase the number of teams that made the playoffs this year after missing the playoffs in 2021 from six to seven -- half of the total playoff field.

Currently, the Dolphins, the Ravens, the Jaguars, the Chargers, the Giants, and the Vikings have crashed the party, bumping the Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Raiders, Rams, and Cardinals to the early-offseason curb.

The Seahawks would be No. 7. We’ll know within a couple of hours as to whether half the postseason field from 2021 will be replaced.