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A Tom Brady, Antonio Brown package deal seems incredibly unlikely

The Tom Brady-Patriots marriage may not be as over as most people think it is. Chris Simms and Mike Florio discuss the latest developments in his free agency process.

Since the media is now required to file at least 17 Tom Brady stories per day (and since we’re part of that media), here’s another one. Albeit very far-fetched.

An item posted at suggests that Brady and receiver Antonio Brown could be some sort of a package deal in 2020.

“Brady keeps in consistent contact with Brown and has told Brown he wants to play with him wherever Brady goes next,” claims ESPN.

The quarterback also has told Brown to stay “mentally and physically strong” to facilitate a reunion “at Brady’s next stop.”

If there’s even a shred of truth to this, ESPN has buried the lede deeper than Billy Batts. (The second time.) There can only be a next stop if Brady leaves New England, which definitely won’t be bringing back Antonio Brown. Thus, if Brady is actually saying these things, it means that he will have a next stop. Which means that, if he’s actually saying these things, he’s not coming back to the Patriots.

That’s the story, if Brady is actually saying these things. Unless he’s actually saying these things to be nice to Brown, with no intent to join forces with him in a new city.

Then there’s the reality that Brown continues to face multiple investigations under the Personal Conduct Policy, which seem to be destined at this point to keep him from playing, at least at the beginning of the season.

So take this for what you will. While we found it to be worth mentioning, the only real value in it is the possibility, slim as it may be, that Brady has inadvertently disclosed to his former teammate that Brady will soon be a former Patriots.