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Aaron Jones: I’d put money on me or AJ Dillon getting two yards if Packers had run it

Mike Florio provides insight on how Brian Daboll’s grandma has influenced the way the Giants will approach Week 6, given the team has to travel back from London without a bye.

Packers running back Aaron Jones wanted his team to run the ball in a key moment on Sunday, when two straight incompletions ended the Packers’ last, best chance.

With 1:11 remaining on Sunday, the Packers faced third-and-1 at the Giants’ 6-yard line, while trailing 27-20. They appeared to be set to score a touchdown and send the game to overtime, but that isn’t what happened. Instead, an Aaron Rodgers pass was batted down at the line of scrimmage on third-and-1, and then another Rodgers pass was batted down on fourth-and-1, and the Giants got the ball and the win.

Jones said afterward that if the Packers had just handed off, they would have picked up the first down.

“I’d put my money on giving me or AJ Dillon two downs to get two yards, I’d put my money on it,” Jones said. “At the same time, I’m not the quarterback, so I don’t know what A-Rod’s seeing, and they made a good defensive play to bat it down. So we just go back to the drawing board, put our heads down and keep working.”

The play calling was surprising, and the result was a surprising loss for the Packers.