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Aaron Rodgers consulted with Joe Rogan, has taken Ivermectin

After Aaron Rodgers invoked Martin Luther King Jr. in defense of his refusal to follow the NFL's COVID-19 protocols, Mike Florio and Myles Simmons think the comparison is "offensive" and the QB needs to check himself.

Once Aaron Rodgers, who believed his unspecified homeopathic treatment would make him “immunized” from COVID, actually caught it, he began the process of treating it.

During his Friday interview with Pat McAfee, Rodgers said that he has consulted with “a now good friend of mine” Joe Rogan, and that Rodgers has followed Rogan’s advice, taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, and other substances.

Ivermectin has become a controversial treatment for COVID. The National Institutes for health explain that “no clinical trials have reported a clinical benefit for Ivermectin in patients” with COVID. Rogan and CNN battled over the network’s contention that Rogan used the form of Ivermectin that is used as a dewormer for horses. Rogan says he got the substance from a doctor, and he openly pondered whether he should sue CNN.

The treatment Rodgers has sought is irrelevant, of course, to the fact that he deliberately chose not to be vaccinated and deliberately chose to conceal his status. He claims that he kept the truth quiet because he feared a “woke mob” and “cancel culture.” The reality (in my opinion) is that he resents any and all criticism, and that he chose to hide his status so that no one would call him out for ultimately risking that he would be unavailable to play in multiple games for the Packers, and that he would potentially be in a better position to catch and to spread COVID, if not vaccinated.