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Are Cowboys planning for a future without Ezekiel Elliott?

Jerry Jones hyped up the Cowboys' draft picks, including RB Tony Pollard, in what was potentially a message sent to Ezekiel Elliott, who is waiting for his new extension.

Someday, Ezekiel Elliott will no longer play for the Cowboys. Could that someday come sooner than anyone expects?

Crazy as it sounds, it’s really not crazy to think about whether the Cowboys are thinking about applying the DeMarco Murray approach to Elliott, chewing him up, spitting him out, and then moving on.

COO Stephen Jones recently compared rookie Tony Pollard to Alvin Kamara, which may not be an accident. Jones also talked about “how [Kamara] complements [Mark] Ingram down in New Orleans,” which also may not be an accident. Because after two years of Kamara and Ingram together, Ingram is now gone.

Until Elliott gets a long-term deal, he could end up in the same spot. When his rookie deal expires after the 2020 season, the Cowboys could let him walk. Or they could apply the franchise tag for a year, before letting him walk.

Even if that’s not what the Cowboys are thinking, it’s all the more reason for Elliott to respond to the constant flow of cash to players not named Ezekiel Elliott by asking, “When do I get mine?” Although it’s hard to imagine Elliott playing elsewhere, the Cowboys may not be able to pay everyone.

And if anyone goes, the guy who plays the position that is most easily replaced would be the most likely.