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Bengals might be tempting fate by selling playoff tickets

We realize that, in the past, plenty of NFL teams have taken orders on playoff tickets before actually clinching a playoff berth.

But that doesn’t mean that we’re comfortable with the practice.

Superstition is a big part of my Eye-talian heritage. And even though I’m not a big believer in the whole salt-in-the-shirt-pocket thing, I fear the concept of the jinx.

The Bengals apparently don’t.

In an effort to sell tickets for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, the Bengals have reiterated on Monday an offer to “lock in tickets” for the two playoff games that the Bengals could host. Of course, to “lock in tickets” for the two playoff games, tickets for all three games must be bought now. While refunds will be available, the Bengals presumably will be keeping the interest they earn on the money.

The reality, however, is that the Bengals currently aren’t guaranteed to play a single playoff game, and it strikes us as odd that they’d renew this push after losing two straight games.

Sure, they only need to beat the Chiefs to nail down their first AFC North title since 2005. But one thing we know about this sport is that anything can happen, including the Bengals losing this Sunday and losing next Sunday and not making it to the postseason at all.

But, hey, at least they’ll earn some interest on other people’s money.