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Bryan Cox shoves Cardinals scout, plans to apologize


The Scouting Combine always gives rise to at least one story of actual or embellished altercations among and between the various constituencies represented at the annual NFL Indianapolis convention.

Here’s the 2016 version: Falcons defensive line coach Bryan Cox shoved a Cardinals scout regarding access to incoming rookies during the interview process.

The Falcons were interviewing a player, Atlanta’s time was up, and the Cardinals scout was waiting to escort the player to the Arizona interview room. Cox confronted the Cardinals scout with some verbal not-so-niceties. Cox then shoved the Cardinals employee. It did not escalate beyond that.

The Cardinals had no comment on the matter. The Falcons issued the following statement to PFT, from Cox.

“I intend to apologize to the young man for the incident that happened last night during the interview process,” Cox said. “It shouldn’t have happened.”

In 1994, Cox sued the NFL and Commissioner Paul Tagliabue for subjecting Cox, then a Dolphins linebacker, to a “racially hostile environment” in Buffalo. Cox also alleged that the NFL failed to adequately investigate death threats and letters sent to him containing racial slurs.

Cox had been fined $10,000 for giving the double-barreled middle finger gesture to Bills fans. The fine was reduced to $3,000 after the NFL learned that offensive statements had been directed to him.

In theory, the NFL could take action against Cox under the Personal Conduct Policy for shoving an employee of another team.