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Cecil says he was penalized for yelling at fellow coaches

During the Titans’ loss to the Chargers on Christmas, Tennessee defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil drew a 15-yard penalty for yelling something.

Cecil hasn’t explained the incident publicly, and we don’t know exactly what the “something” he yelled was. But Titans head coach Jeff Fisher says Cecil was actually yelling at other members of the Titans’ coaching staff, and not at the officials.

“I’ve talked to him and it’s not going to happen again,” Fisher said. “I’m not going to go into detail of what he said. If Chuck makes a mistake he’s the first one to stand up and say he did. Chuck said it wasn’t directed toward the officials, it was directed toward the staff on the headset.”

Cecil has a history of yelling at officials, and he has a history of getting fined dating to his playing days, when Sports Illustrated questioned whether he was too vicious for the NFL. But if he gets fined this week, it will be for something coaches do all the time: Yelling at other coaches over the headset.