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Coaches who disrgarded mask policy likely will hear from the league

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said his players were concerned immediately with the new turf at MetLife Stadium as San Francisco and New York racked up numerous ankle and knee injuries.

On Monday, the league made clear its expectation that all coaches and sideline personnel will wear their masks over their mouths and noses at all times. On Sunday, plenty of coaches and sideline personnel failed to comply.

Look for them to hear about it on Monday.

As one league source explained it to PFT, the NFL likely will implement reasonable fines while also demanding a commitment that there will be no further violations. Then, if there are further violations, the financial consequences will increase dramatically.

The concern is this: Absent eventually significant punishment, the violators may simply do the math, cut the check for a full-season fine, and be done with it. The league doesn’t want anyone to view the mandate as a cost-of-doing-business-style inconvenience, but as a rule that must be, and will be, complied with.