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Colts are the latest to wander obliviously into something stupid


Attention all young marketing and advertising professionals — the NFL and its member clubs need your help.


On the same day the Buccaneers launched a patronizing, pandering appeal to female fans, the Colts have stumbled into another well-meaning attempt at public service that ends up making them look like a bunch of clods.

They’re asking fans to bring any unused or expired prescription drugs to training camp.

Does no one in owner Jim Irsay’s front office have even a shred of self-awareness?

This is even more tone-deaf than the Vikings promoting Family Day with a photo of Adrian Peterson kissing his kid.

If there’s anything the NFL has proven itself great at, it is reaching large groups of people, and separating them from their money. But somewhere along the way, the league has gotten to the point where they’re either too big to notice or too big to care when they step into a pile of something.

For a league that is so concerned with messaging, you’d think they’d be better at it.