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Commanders trumpet Daniel Snyder’s presence at Cowboys game

Chris Simms and Mike Florio have no faith in the Commanders and have full faith in the Cowboys to roll past their division rivals in Week 4.

It’s not news that Washington owner Daniel Snyder is attending Sunday’s Commanders game while he continues to be sort of suspended by the league. He attended most if not all games last year, too.

But it seems a little significant that the team opted to trumpet Snyder’s presence on the field at the Commanders-Cowboys game on social media.

It comes at a time when the NFL continues to investigate allegations against Snyder personally, and when Congress persists in its own efforts to get to the bottom of what happened within the organization, as it relates to the treatment of employees.

It also comes only nine days after the Washington Post reported that a push continues, in an effort to generate 24 votes to oust Snyder.

And so it feels sort of like a middle finger to anyone who may have an issue with Snyder still owning the team.