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Cushing keeps AP Rookie of the Year Award

Well, that was a big waste of time.

Brian Cushing kept the Associated Press Rookie of the Year award after a re-vote that concluded on Wednesday.

The Texans linebacker lost more than half of his votes after testing positive for a banned substance recently, but he still led the way with 18 of 50 votes. Bills safety Jairus Byrd received 13 votes, and Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews III got 10 votes.

Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo earned three votes, and St. Louis linebacker James Laurinaitis got one. Three voters were “unavailable” and two abstained.

We respect everyone that still voted for Cushing, but don’t understand it. The main argument to give him the award seemed to be precedent and process. But why are we so married to a silly precedent?

It is so hard to get caught taking steroids. It’s a stupidity test. Cushing tested positive for a substance used to cycle off steroids. It has been shocking to hear anyone legitimately raise issues with whether he was guilty or not in the previous days, wanting to learn more.

But we understand better why athletes will always deny. They raise doubt in enough fans and even journalists that are so unbelievably naive or willfully ignorant to think the positive test has an excuse. He lost his appeal. He’s guilty, as are scores of other players that cut corners and aren’t stupid enough to get caught.

That we bend over backwards to justify, explain, and award the guys that use performance enhancing drugs reflects poorly on football. It will also make it harder for the league to ever solve their PED problem.