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Introducing the Chris Simms Memorial Cannon Hole prop bet

Mike Florio and Chris Simms touch on some of the latest news around Super Bowl LV, including the jersey selection for both teams, the homefield advantage the Buccaneers will have and more.

With the Super Bowl looming, a vast array of prop bets are available. We asked the folks at PointsBet to make one for the game, which will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

After scoring a touchdown in the one of the last postseason games involving the Buccaneers in that venue (2005 wild card game against Washington), Chris Simms celebrated by throwing the football in the direction of the pirate ship. He has claimed from time to time on PFT Live that the ball actually went inside the hole on one of the cannons.

Though I remain skeptical about that, we requested what we’re calling the Chris Simms Memorial Cannon Hole prop bet. Here it is, under the “Novelty Props” heading at this link: Any player to throw a football into the cannon porthole during a celebration has odds of +5000. That means if you bet $100, you win $5000.

It seems like a longer shot than that. However, both quarterbacks in the game (Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady) have the arm to do it.

Hell, Mahomes probably could do it while celebrating a touchdown at the end of the stadium opposite the pirate ship.