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If the Aaron Rodgers situation is “fixable,” why hasn’t it been fixed?

Michael Holley and Michael Smith try to understand why former Packers teammate James Jones is telling people that Aaron Rodgers will be at training camp this year.

Former Aaron Rodgers teammates, led by James Jones, continue to say that the situation between Rodgers and the Packers is “fixable.” Fine. So why hasn’t it been fixed?

It would be foolish not to account for the possibility that Rodgers is leading people like Jones to believe that it’s fixable, so that they’ll publicly say that it’s fixable. And if enough people hear and believe that it’s fixable, they’ll likely conclude that Rodgers is being reasonable and that the Packers -- who continue to fail to fix the unfixable -- aren’t.

These things aren’t just happening accidentally or spontaneously. Rodgers has a P.R. plan, and the Packers have a P.R. plan. Rodgers wants fans to blame the team, and the team wants fans to blame Rodgers.

It really is that simple. So when Packers CEO Mark Murphy says that the situation is dividing the fan base, Murphy is trying to sow such division. And when Rodgers tells Jones that it’s fixable and when Jones says so on TV or radio, Rodgers is trying to recruit fans toward the thinking that he’s in the right and the team is in the wrong.

Meanwhile, the “beautiful mystery” continues to unfold. While it’s definitely still a mystery, few would regard it as beautiful.