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Jared Allen’s calf-roping days may have ended

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen celebrates each sack by pretending to rope a calf. The next time he does it, he could draw a flag and a fine.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the league has advised the Vikings that any future calf roping by Allen will be regarded as a violation of the rules, because he puts his knee on the ground when doing it. The league prohibits any celebrations that involve going to the turf.

So if he does it, he’ll be fined and the Vikings will draw a 15-yard penalty. (The potential penalty likely will be enough to get Allen to stop, given that it becomes a matter that extends beyond his “cashish.”)

The most amazing aspect of this development is that it took the league so long to realize that Allen goes to the ground when he ropes a calf.

So if Allen plans to do any more post-sack calf roping, he’ll need to do it from a two-point stance.