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Kenny Britt’s dad: Police are saying things that aren’t true

Kenny Britt

Injured Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt talks with teammates before an NFL football preseason game between the Tennessee Titans and the New Orleans Saints on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)


When Titans receiver Kenny Britt found himself in legal trouble in 2011, his father said it was important for Kenny to stay out of New Jersey. But with police in New Jersey now wanting to question Britt about a stabbing and a shooting over the weekend, Britt’s dad says his son did nothing wrong.

Police have said that Britt has refused to cooperate into an investigation that began when Britt brought a friend to the hospital with a stab wound, but Jack Britt says the police are wrongly painting his son in a negative light.

“Kenny is not running from anyone. He has nothing to hide,” Jack Britt told the Tennessean. “He is fully cooperating and the police are saying a lot of things that just aren’t true. They don’t have all the facts. Kenny is going to clear this thing up.”

Jersey City Police Captain Edgar Martinez has said repeatedly that Britt is refusing to cooperate with the investigation, and he reiterated that on Tuesday.

“Until he comes in, nothing has changed,” Martinez said. “Kenny Britt is a grown man. He needs to get here.”

Jack Britt says Kenny’s friend was stabbed while trying to break up a fight, and that Kenny simply helped the friend get medical assistance after he was hurt. Jack Britt also says Kenny wasn’t present when a shooting broke out in the area after that fight.

“This was a night when Kenny was trying to be low-key and stay out of trouble,’’ Jack Britt said. “Sometimes it just seems like trouble follows him, coming from people in his past unfortunately.”

Trouble especially seems to follow Britt when he’s back home in New Jersey. The Titans probably wish Britt would have listened to his dad’s advice about staying away.