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League defers to teams regarding practice-field fights

When a fight happens during a game, the league administers discipline. When a fight happens in the locker, the league also can get involved. However, when a fight happens on the practice field, the NFL typically stays out of it.

“These have always been club matters,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT by email on Wednesday afternoon. “If a fight occurs off the football field, it would fall under the Personal Conduct Policy. Otherwise, practice is a club matter.”

So don’t look for the league to do anything about Tuesday’s melee between the Rams and the Cowboys, or any other fights that happen between the white lines when teams are practicing either alone or with another team.

Of course, if the teams aren’t going to do anything about it -- and if the league’s in-house TV network intends to glorify the fighting by broadcasting the brouhahas repeatedly -- eventually the NFL will have to take action.

Assuming the NFL wants it to stop. There’s a chance that the ultimate reality show likes it when the reality includes some real donnybrooks.