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Marco Rubio asks President Biden to let Cameron Kinley join the Buccaneers

Cameron Kinley joins Dan Patrick to talk about the Navy's rejection of his service deferment request and his next steps.

Navy cornerback Cameon Kinley had planned to try his hand in the NFL, until the Navy told him to cool his jets. Now, a U.S. Senator from the state where Kinley wants to play wants the Commander-in-Chief to override the order.

Via, Marco Rubio has sent a letter to President Biden requesting a waiver that would allow Kinley to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“In years past, the U.S. Department of Defense has issued many waivers to allow athletes to temporarily delay their service to our nation to pursue their professional sports dreams,” Rubio wrote, via “Unfortunately, Mr. Kinley seems to be the exception, and without reason.”

Rubio has a good point. As a matter of basic fairness, the rules should be consistent. Whatever the rule may be, the player needs to know when he accepts an appointment to a service academy that the opportunity will, or won’t, be afforded to play professionally.

“Mr. Kinley is not seeking to terminate his commitment to the Navy,” Rubio wrote. “Far from it. He wishes to promote service to our great nation from one of the country’s largest stages. I implore you to right this wrong.”

Rubio is right. Kinley should be allowed to defer his commitment. Otherwise, no one with any realistic chance of playing professional sports should ever choose one of the service academies.