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Mark Sanchez on Reggie Bush: “Sometimes . . . kids want to take”

In a Tuesday appearance on The Jim Rome Show, former USC (and current New York Jets) quarterback Mark Sanchez spoke about the sanctions recently imposed on the Trojans arising from the acceptance of money and other things of value by former tailback Reggie Bush.

Jim Rome asked Sanchez whether he’s personally disappointed by the choices Bush made and the position he put the program in. And here’s what Sanchez said.

“You know it’s tough. And nobody wants to say anything bad about a teammate or anything. And I think Reggie’s a heck of a player and I know he’s a good guy. It was a tough position for him. . . .

“It’s really tough,” Sanchez added after making sure he pointed out that Sanchez was only a freshman at the time. “You’re young kids. You’re really a kid. Sometimes when things are laid out in front of you like that, kids want to take. And it’s really hard for them to say no. And you’ve just got to be smart and put the program first.”

It’s a far cry from a stinging indictment of Bush, but at a time when pretty much everyone who has ever worn the school’s colors has clamped hands on their eyes, ears, and/or mouths, it’s refreshing for Sanchez to acknowledge what anyone not connected to the program already has realized.

Reggie wanted to take. And he took. And now the Trojans will be paying the price.

And hopefully the Heisman Trophy Trust will take Reggie’s 2005 version of the award. And hopefully when Vince Young opens the box he won’t think it’s half a set of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.