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Myles Garrett on Halloween quarterback graveyard: I’m kind of a troll

Mike Florio and Peter King ask if this is the week the Arizona Cardinals suffer their first loss, as they face a tough test on the road against the Cleveland Browns.

Myles Garrett leads the NFL with seven sacks, 4.5 of which came against Bears quarterback Justin Fields. He hopes to bury more quarterbacks this season, beginning this week against his former Texas A&M teammate Kyler Murray.

The Browns pass rusher has decorated his front yard for Halloween with seven gravestones of NFL quarterbacks he faces this season -- Murray, Justin Herbert, Fields, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson and Mac Jones.

“The backstory of the cemetery? I’m kind of a troll a little bit, and people in my house like to have fun,” Garrett said after Friday’s practice, via Nate Ulrich of the Beacon Journal. “My family and friends, they thought it would be something cool to do for Halloween.”

It was Garrett’s father, Lawrence, who came up with the idea and hired someone to paint the headstones. Unfortunately for Garrett, the decorations have attracted unwelcome attention from gawkers. He said someone blocked his driveway Thursday.

Garrett, though, laughed at the notion he has become a “get-off-my-lawn” guy.

“They always seem to show up when I’m not there, so I don’t even get the chance to say, ‘Get off my lawn,’” Garrett said. “But I can’t say no to kids. When trick or treating comes around, I’ll definitely be there giving out candy. Like grown men and women just trying to drive up and say or do whatever or just trying to see me, please don’t.”