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Nate Burleson gets a year’s supply of free pizza

Food American Table Grilled BLT Pizza

This July 22, 2013 photo taken in Concord, N.H., shows a recipe for grilled BLT pizza with summer tomato-basil sauce. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)


If you’ve watched television at any point in the last few years, you’ve likely found yourself watching a commercial featuring the host of a party telling all of their guests that the pizza they’re raving about wasn’t ordered in from a restaurant.

“It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” is the tagline and it’s one that the Lions likely wish wide receiver Nate Burleson heeded earlier this year. Burleson broke a bone in his arm in a car accident caused by his attempt to keep a pizza he’d purchased from sliding off the passenger seat of his car. He’ll be able to avoid any repeats of that accident for the near future thanks to a gift from DiGiorno.

Burleson posted a photo on his Instagram account of a letter from DiGiorno offering him a year’s worth of free pizza along with a pizza cutter to use once they’ve been prepared.

“Hello Nate. We hope you are feeling better after your recent car accident and are on the road to recovery! DiGiorno Pizza understands the challenges that come with carryout and delivery so we’re sending you a gift along with a year supply of DiGiorno pizza so you can skip carryout.”

That pizza cutter should be handled with care and one must always guard against burning the roof of the mouth, but this gift should otherwise keep Burleson out of dangerous pizza-related situations.