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New Orleans officially commences preparations for Super Bowl LIX

The last time the Super Bowl was held in New Orleans, the lights went out during the game. Next year, the lights come back on for the city that has hosted 10 prior Super Bowls.

Via Anthony McAuley of the, New Orleans officials gathered on Wednesday to mark the start of preparations for next year’s game.

The Superdome last hosted the NFL championship in 2013. It was supposed to return this year, but a conflict with Mardi Gras (due to the NFL’s expansion of the regular season) required New Orleans to delay its turn until early 2025.

We keep waiting for a rotation to emerge for Super Bowl hosting, but it never really does. Ideally, Miami, Las Vegas, and New Orleans would have the game at least once every five years. The L.A. stadium would presumably give it the fourth spot. The fifth would then be a wild card, with Phoenix or Houston or Atlanta or Tampa or Dallas or whichever city and/or state has ponied up for a new venue with massive taxpayer money.

Some Super Bowl cities are clearly better than others. Miami, New Orleans, and Las Vegas are clearly the best. We need more of those in the future, even if it means less of the others.