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NFL continues to not comment on claim that Roger Goodell must approve Daniel Snyder’s return

Mike Florio discusses the NFL's financial penalties for the Washington Football Team for years of workplace misconduct and what this means for the team and the league.

The NFL knows the truth. The NFL continues to decline to provide it.

The aftermath of Thursday’s news regarding the investigation into the Washington Football Team included a claim from Mark Maske of the Washington Post that WFT owner Daniel Snyder’s supposedly voluntary decision to step away from the day-to-day operations of the team can’t end without approval from Commissioner Roger Goodell. Snyder, who easily could have (and surely would have) faced a much more serious outcome if the league had requested and released a comprehensive written report, has opted to push back through his lawyer, contending that the claim from Maske and the Post is false. (The Post has said it stands by its reporting.)

At the risk of engaging in the source-guessing game (which is frowned upon, for some reason), Maske surely didn’t get his information from Snyder or anyone within upper management with the Washington Football Team. Maske, who frequently reports on league matters, has one or more sources at the highest levels of the league office. Possibly at the very highest.

But to the extent that someone from the league likely provided information to Maske and the Post on an off-the-record basis, the league continues to ignore on-the-record requests to settle this question. We’ve now asked the question three times, and we’ve gotten no response -- not even a “no comment.”

It’s easy. It’s simple. The report from Maske and the Post is true or it’s false or “no comment.” Unless the league publicly refutes that which someone in upper management presumably has said privately to Maske, Snyder’s denial through his lawyer continues to ring hollow.