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NFL’s brief in support of motion to dismiss not due for weeks


We promised last night to break down the legal brief in support of the NFL’s motion to dismiss the Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit, as soon as we got our hands on it.

And we plan to honor that promise. Eventually.

As it turns out, the NFL hasn’t filed a brief yet. Instead, the league filed on Monday a simple, two-page document requesting that the case be dismissed, with no specific arguments or reasoning articulated therein.

It’s a good thing the NFL got extra time to respond to the civil complaint.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT via e-mail that the brief in support of the motion to dismiss isn’t due until 42 days before the September 12 hearing on the motion to dismiss. That gives the league until early August to reduce its arguments to writing.

So much for the wheels of justice being coated with a thick layer of WD-40.

In the interim, here’s hoping that negotiations will continue and none of this will ever matter.