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Patrick Mahomes: It’s special to have two Black starting QBs in the Super Bowl

From the matchups between the Chiefs' offensive line and Eagles' defensive line to Patrick Mahomes being "can't-miss TV," Mike Florio and Chris Simms reveal what they're most pumped about for Super Bowl LVII.

For the first time, the Super Bowl will feature two Black starting quarterbacks in Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes.

In a year that’s not far removed from a Hall of Fame executive saying a Black QB should switch to receiver upon entering the league, it’s significant that Hurts and Mahomes will each pilot their teams for the Eagles and Chiefs.

Mahomes was asked about his matchup with Hurts on Thursday.

“To be on the world stage and have two Black quarterbacks starting in the Super Bowl, I think it’s special,” Mahomes said in his press conference. “I’ve learned more and more about the history of the Black quarterback since I’ve been in this league and the guys that came before me and Jalen set the stage for this. And now, I’m just glad that we can set the stage for kids that are coming up now.

“It’ll be a great game [between] two great teams and against another great quarterback. So I’m excited to go out there and try to do what we can to win against a great team.”

Mahomes noted he sees this game as an opportunity to further progress for Black quarterbacks in the future.

“I think you’ve seen over time, whenever a guy like Doug Williams, or Michael Vick, or Donovan McNabb go out and play great football, it gives other guys like me and Jalen chances to have this platform and to have this spot on an NFL team,” Mahomes said. “And so, if we can continue to show that we can consistently be great, I think it’ll just continue to open doors for other kids growing up to follow their dreams and to be a quarterback of an NFL team. And it’s good that we have guys like Jalen on the other side because he’s a great person and obviously a great quarterback.”

There have been only three Black quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl: Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Doug Williams. Hurts would be the fourth if the Eagles win. Mahomes would be the first to win two Super Bowls if the Chiefs win.