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Patriots fan pictured with Goodell: “I really don’t care for him”

Roger Goodell attended the Patriots preseason game at Gillette Stadium to take the sting out of what's going to happen when he's back there in a few weeks for the regular season opener.

The NFL published a photo on social media Thursday night of three Patriots fans smiling with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at New England’s preseason opener. That has led some other Patriots fans to rip the three on social media, saying real Patriots fans wouldn’t pose with Goodell, who suspended Tom Brady for the first four games of last season over Deflategate.

Now one of the fans is speaking up for himself -- and against Goodell. Josh Bisson, one of the three Patriots fans photographed with Goodell, said on WEEI that he felt “used as a prop” by the NFL, which hastily arranged the photo with Goodell and posted it on social media before the fans knew what was going on.

“It’s kind of an embarrassing thing but you know what? He was a nice guy to us,” Bisson said. “I can’t say that I like the guy because I don’t. I really don’t care for him.”

Bisson said NFL employees who were “P.R. people with suits” were eager to arrange a picture with fans and the commissioner. Bisson wants everyone to know, however, that just because he was smiling with Goodell doesn’t mean he likes Goodell.

“I don’t like the guy still,” Bisson said.

Plenty of Patriots fans will agree with that sentiment.