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PFT’s Week 12 2022 NFL power rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms recap the San Francisco 49ers' dominant win over the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night and discuss the 49ers' viability as Super Bowl contenders.

1. Chiefs (8-2; No. 2): Football, family, and Fonzie indeed.

2. Eagles (9-1; No. 3): They’re still a bit off. To get a win while being a bit off is a good thing.

3. Cowboys (7-3; No. 7): The team that showed up on Sunday is a Super Bowl team. All too often, however, that team is on the back of a milk carton.

4. Dolphins (7-3; No. 5): They didn’t play, and yet they bumped up a spot. (TuAnon will still find a way to complain.)

5. Bills (7-3; No. 9): They overcame a crazy week to get a much-needed win. Could it be the thing that galvanizes them?

6. Ravens (7-3; No. 6): They were sluggish and lifeless on Sunday. Fortunately, they were playing the Panthers.

7. 49ers (6-4; No. 10): Right now, they could beat any team in the NFC.

8. Vikings (8-2; No. 1): When the bubble bursts, it takes out an entire city block.

9. Giants (7-3; No. 4): With a game against the Cowboys, two against the Eagles, and two against the Commanders, they may soon be sweating out what once was a presumed playoff berth.

10. Patriots (6-4; No. 12): The defense is great. Can the offense be good enough?

11. Seahawks (6-4; No. 11): They need to get back on the horse, quickly, or that great start could be wasted.

12. Titans (7-3; No. 13): The Todd Downing DUI arrest took the sizzle out of a thrilling Thursday night win.

13. Buccaneers (5-5; No. 14): Two years ago, they ran the table after a bye. It could happen again.

14. Bengals (6-4; No. 15): Once Ja’Marr Chase is back, things could get very interesting.

15. Commanders (6-5; No. 16): With Chase Young back, the Commanders could be ready to leapfrog the Giants on the playoff tree.

16. Jets (6-4; No. 8): As Jets fans keep waiting for their next Joe Namath, they may have to settle for Joe Flacco.

17. Falcons (5-6; No. 19): They’re good enough to make you think they’re good enough to believe in them long enough to conclude they’re not good enough.

18. Chargers (5-5; No. 17): Yes, it’s always something.

19. Lions (4-6; No. 24): On Thursday, the Lions could be playing in their most significant Thanksgiving Day game in years.

20. Packers (4-7; No. 18): The playoffs start on Sunday night in Philly, because if they lose that one, the Packers won’t make it there.

21. Cardinals (4-7; No. 20): Turkeys aren’t the only birds that can have a fork stuck in them this week.

22. Colts (4-6-1; No. 22): We’ll see them in prime time for the next two games, against the Steelers and at the Cowboys. Win both, and they’re very much alive.

23. Browns (3-7; No. 21): With the Bucs up next and another loss likely, the Browns may not make it to the playoffs even if Deshaun Watson goes 6-0.

24. Saints (4-7; No. 29): They’re still alive, but they’re too inconsistent to stay that way.

25. Rams (3-7; No. 23): Has a Super Bowl champion ever fallen so far, so fast?

26. Bears (3-8; No. 25): They can win when the league’s most exciting young quarterback is healthy. How ugly will it be if he misses time?

27. Steelers (3-7; No. 27): Mike Tomlin is two losses away from his first ever losing season.

28. Panthers (3-8; No. 26): Steve Wilks is still doing a great job with an overmatched roster.

29. Raiders (3-7; No. 32): The Colts don’t get to play the Raiders every week, and the Raiders don’t get to play the Broncos every week.

30. Jaguars (3-7; No. 30): The best test of a team’s relevance is whether anyone notices that they’re on a bye.

31. Broncos (3-7; No. 28): If feels like “when” not “if” for Nathaniel Hackett to be one and done.

32. Texans (1-8-1; No. 31): As franchise values go up, maybe Cal McNair should be the one to try to sell his team to Houston native Jeff Bezos.