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PFT’s Week 16 2022 NFL power rankings

Maria Taylor, Tony Dungy, Jason Garrett, Mike Florio and Steve Kornacki dive into Week 15, where last-minute wins tilted the Wild Card races, and offer their hottest takes entering the final stretch.

1. Eagles (13-1; last week No. 1): They may have to nail down the No. 1 seed with Gardner Minshew.

2. Bills (11-3; No. 2): Every NFL game in December should be played in Buffalo.

3. Chiefs (11-3; No. 4): They’re hoping for one Buffalo loss to have a shot at the No. 1 seed.

4. 49ers (10-4; No. 5): Their golden helmets looked extra shiny last Thursday night. They may be shining a silver trophy on a Sunday night in February.

5. Bengals (10-4; No. 6): JB9 > TB12.

6. Cowboys (10-4; No. 3): Is this the year they finally get back to the NFC Championship?

7. Vikings (11-3; No. 8): It’s one thing to come back from 33-0 against the Colts. It’s another to do it against, you know, a good team.

8. Dolphins (8-6; No. 9): Yes, they lost. Yes, they still bump up a spot.

9. Ravens (9-5; No. 7): They’re likely going to have to go on the road once the playoffs start.

10. Chargers (8-6; No. 14): Imagine how good they’d be if they let Justin Herbert cut it loose all the time?

11. Lions (7-7; No. 15): Thirty-one years after their last playoff win, maybe they’ll have another one.

12. Giants (8-5-1; No. 13): A win is a win, even if it comes with an asterisk.

13. Commanders (7-6-1; No. 12): A loss is a loss, even if it comes with an asterisk.

14. Jaguars (6-8; No. 20): They could make things very interesting in the AFC playoff field, if they get there.

15. Patriots (7-7; No. 10): What happens in Vegas goes back to Boston and gets people fired.

16. Seahawks (7-7; No. 11): At least they can enjoy the implosion of the Broncos.

17. Titans (7-7; No. 16): Suddenly, the 2021 coach of the year may not be on solid ground.

18. Jets (7-7; No. 17): I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. Or maybe it was Zach Wilson.

19. Browns (6-8; No. 21): Quietly, the Browns are 2-1 with Deshaun Watson.

20. Steelers (6-8; No. 22): Don’t stop. Believing.

21. Raiders (6-8; No. 26): If they can follow whatever that was against the Patriots with a win over the Steelers, maybe they can get back to the playoffs, after all.

22. Packers (6-8; No. 24): It’s looking like Week 18 vs. Lions could be a playoff play-in game for both teams.

23. Buccaneers (6-8; No. 18): Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of this team.

24. Panthers (5-9; No. 19): They still control their playoff path. Somehow.

25. Saints (5-9; No. 29): More Taysom Hill, please.

26. Falcons (5-9; No. 23): Yes, they’re still alive.

27. Rams (4-10; No. 25): They had too much time to get ready for this week’s game, apparently.

28. Broncos (4-10; No. 31): Rams-Broncos on Christmas? Someone was naughty.

29. Cardinals (4-10; No. 27): Bucs-Cardinals on Christmas? Someone was really naughty.

30. Bears (3-11; No. 30): Give the Bears credit for not giving up on a season that ended a while ago.

31. Colts (4-9-1; No. 28): Maybe Jim Irsay will hire Kirk Cousins to be the head coach.

32. Texans (1-11-1; No. 32): Close, respectable losses are still losses.