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PFT’s Week 17 2022 NFL power rankings

Maria Taylor, Chris Simms, Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett dive into where teams stack up after Week 16 and assess if Dallas’ defense is any reason for concern.

1. 49ers (11-4; No. 4): They would beat anyone in the NFL right now. If that doesn’t make them No. 1, what does?

2. Bills (12-3; No. 2): They haven’t lost since that rollercoaster ride against the Vikings. Maybe they won’t lose again.

3. Chiefs (12-3; No. 3): I still can’t shake the feeling that they’ll get back to the Super Bowl and win it.

4. Eagles (13-2; No. 1): Could they actually squander the No.1 seed?

5. Bengals (11-4; No. 5): Monday night’s game against the Bills means everything for the Bengals. And for the Bills.

6. Cowboys (11-4; No. 6): Can they stay consistent? That’s the real question for a team with a propensity to shoot itself in the foot.

7. Vikings (12-3; No. 7): At a certain point, it’s no longer luck.

8. Ravens (10-5; No. 9): They can shake things up in the AFC field.

9. Chargers (9-6; No. 10): If they fully unleash Justin Herbert, they can hang with anyone.

10. Jaguars (7-8; No. 14): No one should want to play them in the playoffs.

11. Dolphins (8-7; No. 8): Another decent season, another failure to make the playoffs.

12. Lions (7-8; No. 11): It was fun while it lasted. And it may not be over.

13. Giants (8-6-1; No. 12): They’re good enough to always keep things interesting.

14. Commanders (7-7-1; No. 13): It could be Carson Wentz time, with the playoffs on the line.

15. Steelers (7-8; No. 20): All of a sudden, a winning record doesn’t seem so crazy.

16. Packers (7-8; No. 22): No NFC playoff contender should want to see the Packers get in.

17. Patriots (7-8; No. 15): The end may not happen this year, but it’s getting closer.

18. Seahawks (7-8; No. 16): Geno Smith’s recent dip in play could make it cheaper to keep him.

19. Titans (7-8; No. 17): They still haven’t won since a week before Thanksgiving.

20. Jets (7-8; No. 18): Hit the road, Zach, and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more.

21. Browns (6-9; No. 19): The up-and-down Browns are just about down and out.

22. Buccaneers (7-8; No. 23): If they get to the playoffs, they will be dangerous.

23. Panthers (6-9; No. 24): With each win, it’s getting harder for David Tepper to not hire Steve Wilks.

24. Saints (6-9; No. 25): Make Taysom Hill the full-time quarterback, please.

25. Raiders (6-9; No. 21): Derek Carr is the worst good quarterback in the league.

26. Rams (5-10; No. 27): Baker Mayfield is the best bad quarterback in the league.

27. Falcons (5-10; No. 26): For how long will Arthur Blank tolerate, “Hey, we’re not embarrassing ourselves”?

28. Cardinals (4-11; No. 29): Major questions need to be resolved, soon.

29. Bears (3-12; No. 30): But for Justin Fields, they might be winless.

30. Texans (2-11-1; No. 32): To their credit, they never give up.

31. Colts (4-10-1; No. 31): They should just give up.

32. Broncos (4-11; No. 28): They’ve officially given up.