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PFT’s Week 18 2021 NFL power rankings

Mike Florio and Charean Williams analyze some of the big topics entering the 18th and final week of the NFL regular season.

1. Packers (13-3, last week No. 1): Why would Aaron Rodgers ever want to leave a division he can continue to dominate, indefinitely?

2. Rams (12-4, No. 3): If they can win when they’re not playing well, they’ll blow opponents out when they finally do.

3. Buccaneers (12-4, No. 5): Without Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown, can the Bucs repeat?

4. Titans (11-5, No. 6): If they earn the bye and get Derrick Henry back, the Titans could be Super Bowl bound.

5. Chiefs (11-5, No. 2): They failed to adjust on either side of the ball in Cincinnati.

6. Bengals (10-6, No. 9): Get used to the Bengals in the playoffs, for years to come. Get ready for them to win a playoff game, for the first time in more than 30 years.

7. Cardinals (11-5, No. 11): The Cardinals desperately needed to prove to themselves and everyone else that they remember how to win.

8. Bills (10-6, No. 8): They need Devin Singletary to keep doing what he did on Sunday.

9. Cowboys (11-5, No. 4): Do they have a true signature win this year? Will they have one?

10. Patriots (10-6, No. 10): They’re being overlooked again, just in time to make everyone regret it.

11. Colts (9-7, No. 7): If the Colts can’t win in Jacksonville, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

12. 49ers (9-7, No. 12): Trey Lance will need to play better on Sunday if the 49ers are going to beat L.A. again.

13. Eagles (9-7, No. 14): The Eagles can run the ball and play defense, which gives them a chance to beat anyone.

14. Chargers (9-7, No. 16): It shouldn’t be coming down to win and in for the Chargers.

15. Raiders (9-7, No. 19): It’s amazing that it’s coming down to win and in for the Raiders.

16. Dolphins (8-8, No. 13): Reignite the Deshaun Watson talk.

17. Ravens (8-8, No. 15): Could Tyler Huntley become an affordable alternative to Lamar Jackson?

18. Steelers (8-7-1, No. 20): They need to do everything they can to get Aaron Rodgers to want to come to Pittsburgh next season.

19. Saints (8-8, No. 21): But for the Week 16 COVID fiasco, they’d have a clear shot to the playoffs.

20. Browns (7-9, No. 17): A fresh start would be good for the Browns and for Baker Mayfield.

21. Vikings (7-9, No. 18): We’ll find out soon whether almost good enough is good enough for ownership.

22. Falcons (7-9, No. 22): They had a surprisingly strong season. Can they take the next step next year?

23. Broncos (7-9, No. 23): If they add a high-end veteran quarterback, they’ll be a force in 2022.

24. Seahawks (6-10, No. 26): What took them so long to figure out how to score 50 points?

25. Bears (6-10, No. 25): A dominant performance comes too little, too late.

26. Washington (6-10, No. 24): The FedEx Field collapsible railing is the perfect metaphor for everything about this team.

27. Panthers (5-11, No. 27): Fans should start referring to him as “Matt Rule,” since they want him to get the “h” out of here.

28. Texans (4-12, No. 28): Could Davis Mills be the best quarterback of the 2021 rookie class?

29. Jets (4-12, No. 29): Best-case scenario for Week 17 = play the Bucs tough, but ultimately don’t blow the shot at the No. 3 pick.

30. Giants (4-12, No. 30): If you have to say you’re not a clown show, you might be a clown show.

31. Lions (2-13-1, No. 31): They’ve got two more wins than many thought they’d have.

32. Jaguars (2-14, No. 32): Darrell Bevell didn’t do much to enhance his prospects of becoming the team’s next full-time head coach.