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Pizza delivery man says D’Qwell Jackson threatened to kill him


More details are emerging regarding the recent arrest of Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson for assault. And they’re not pretty.

Jose Bonilla-Fuentes recently told CBS Sports Radio in Indianapolis that Jackson threatened to “kill” the man who had parked his pizza-delivery car in Jackson’s assigned spot.

Asked what happened, Bonilla-Fuentes was concise: “What happened is that a crazy guy tried to choke me.”

Jackson changed his tune after the police were called.

“He come to me and say ‘Please, please I’ll give you whatever money you need, but don’t do nothing, don’t let the police take me,’” Bonilla-Fuentes said.

It was a smart idea (poorly executed) by Jackson, because he’ll now be subject to paid leave while his prosecution proceeds. The smarter move going forward will be to try to resolve the civil claims of Bonilla-Fuentes for the payment of a large sum of money in exchange for an agreement to drop all charges.

If those talks occur, Bonilla-Fuentes suddenly has a lot more leverage than he would have possessed if this had happened before the Ray Rice in-elevator video was released.