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Report: Cowboys move offer to Dez Bryant over $13 million a year

As the clock continues to tick, the back-and-forth games continue.

According to NFL Media, the Cowboys have offered franchise-tagged wide receiver a long-term deal worth more than $13 million a year, noting that Bryant is “more optimistic than ever.”

Of course, one can assume that that offer was met with a counter-offer, as we near four hours until the deadline for a long-term deal.

If they can’t reach one, Bryant is scheduled to make $12.8 million this year, minus however many weeks he decides to stay away in protest, which he reportedly has and hasn’t done already.

Throughout this process, the Cowboys have held a strong position, with the widespread belief that he won’t miss time or paychecks. If they’re moving north of $13 million a year now, it might be approaching the point they can get something done this afternoon.

Of course, between their stern guarantee forfeiture language, and the fact two years of tags would average more than $14 million a year, it might not.