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Report: Players want opt out clause included in CBA


grrrr angry face

Andy Heyward

It’s clear that issues remain between the players and owners.

In the scheme of things, we’re not sure that these are huge issues and we remain optimistic like NFLPA* leadership that a deal can be reached fairly soon. As we’ve seen, however, closing is the hardest part.

One of the hanging issues is apparently the lack of an opt out clause in the agreement.

The NFL announced last night there would be no opt out. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports some players want an opt out after seven years. If either side opted out, they would have to accept a penalty to do so.

We’re a little confused why this is a last minute issue. We have to think DeMaurice Smith knew these were the terms when he got off the phone with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thursday evening.

It’s unclear how serious the players are about this issue or what mechanism the owners even have to negotiate further at this point. Would another vote be necessary?

That’s just another question in a strange offseason full of them.