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Report: Rams “were lurking” for Jimmy Garoppolo

Mike Florio and Peter King explore how the 49ers used Jimmy Garoppolo’s non-confrontive demeanor against him and set the QB up to make a lot less money in the process.

It’s Sunday Splash! time. Residents of Scooptown, get your asses in the pool.

Here’s one that has me dubious, to say the least. Adam Schefter of reports that, if the 49ers had released quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, the Rams “were lurking as a possible destination” for Garoppolo.

Schefter adds that “Garoppolo and the Rams had the makings of a deal.” This statement (if it is an accurate reflection of the situation) implies that tampering may have been happening. Although Garoppolo had permission to shop himself in a trade, his agent didn’t have permission to line up contract offers premised on him getting cut -- and the Rams didn’t have clearance to make such offers. (Wild guess: The article will be revised by noon ET to smooth out that remark.)

It definitely would have been a Rams move, and they could have gotten Garoppolo without having to utter their eff-them-picks catch phrase.

Here’s what isn’t clear from the report. Did the 49ers know about the possibility before deciding to keep Garoppolo, and was the decision to keep Garoppolo influenced by the potential for Garoppolo doing it?

Also, would Garoppolo have done it? Another team may have offered more. Another team may have given him a clearer path to playing in 2022.

Remember, he said he doesn’t like to ruffle feathers. Signing with the Rams would have definitely done some feather ruffling.

It’s not a crazy notion, given the issues starter Matthew Stafford has had with his elbow. We previously suggested that the Rams could/should be interested in Garoppolo, given the possibility that Stafford’s elbow becomes something that shuts him down at some point. Garoppolo would be in a much better position to win games than (checks notes) John Wolford.

None of it matters at this point. And it’s only news right now because it’s the first Sunday of the regular season, which mandates by law that all NFL insiders dredge up something that will impress friends, enemies, and neutral observers -- and more importantly placate the ones who are paying them.