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Shannon Sharpe acknowledges FS1 departure, through Twitter likes

Now that the contract issues are resolved, Michael Smith and Michael Holley would like to see Lamar Jackson become a more well-rounded QB in both the passing and running game.

Shannon Sharpe reportedly is leaving Undisputed and FS1. He has not said so directly. But his Twitter likes indirectly confirm it.

Sharpe clicked the like button on the following message, regarding his situation with Skip Bayless: “Their relationship got progressively worse over the last 2 maybe 3 years because skip fought for him to be on that show but I feel like skip couldn’t stand Shannon succeeding without and that’s when skip was taking pot shots on air.”

Sharpe also liked this one: “FS1 keeping [Bayless] and losing [Jenny Taft and Sharpe] is like a music promoter keeping Weird Al Yankovic but getting rid of Lady Gaga and James Brown.”

The last one implies FS1 forced Sharpe out.

No official announcement regarding Sharpe’s departure has been made. It remains to be seen what he’ll do next, and who will replace him.