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Sources: Cowboys have made only one recent offer to Dak Prescott

Relive the best moments from PFT Live as Mike Florio and Chris Simms battle Daylight Savings and discuss the latest Tom Brady rumors.

Multiple reports emerged on Monday that the Cowboys have submitted another offer to quarterback Dak Prescott, in addition to the recently reported offer that has an average value of $33 million per year. Multiple sources tell PFT that there has been only one offer.

The offer, per one source, was made on March 2. The Cowboys have not recently made any other offer. It’s unclear whether Prescott’s camp has responded to the offer.

The Cowboys would like to get a deal done before Thursday, the deadline for applying the franchise tag. If the Cowboys tag Prescott, a different dynamic becomes unlocked, and a new set of deadlines will become activated, from the launch of the offseason program in April to the various enhanced phases of it to the deadline for doing a longterm deal in July 15.

A deal worth $33 million per year at signing would be richer than the Russell Wilson contract, which had a value of $31.4 million at signing. But no details have been reported regarding structure or length or, most importantly, amount of the guarantees at signing.