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Team-by-team salary cap numbers, if there were a salary cap

On Saturday, we mentioned that three teams have committed less than $90 million to player compensation in the uncapped year. Two teams have blown the curve.

Many of you have asked for more information about the expenditures of your favorite teams.

So we’ve got the full list.

And though we don’t want to pick on the Chargers any more than we already have, they’re in the bottom 25 percent in spending -- even though they’ve chosen not to spend on left tackle Marcus McNeill and receiver Vincent Jackson.

Redskins: $178.2 million.

Cowboys: $166.5 million.

Saints: $145.0 million.

Vikings: $143.4 million.

Seahawks: $138.8 million.

Jets: $135.7 million.

Packers: $135.3 million.

Raiders: $135.2 million.

Colts: $133.1 million.

Bears: $131.9 million.

Eagles: $131.0 million.

Patriots: $128.8 million.

Giants: $128.6 million.

49ers: $125.9 million.

Dolphins: $123.8 million.

Texans: $123.1 million.

Lions: $122.9 million.

Steelers: $122.9 million.

Browns: $122.8 million.

Ravens: $122.3 million.

Falcons: $118.5 million.

Titans: $118.0 million.

Panthers: $110.9 million.

Rams: $109.1 million.

Chargers: $108.0 million.

Bills: $105.3 million.

Broncos: $102.9 million.

Bengals: $100.8 million.

Cardinals: $97.8 million.

Jaguars: $89.5 million.

Chiefs: $84.5 million.

Buccaneers: $80.8 million.