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Teammates deny Suh was a problem in the locker room


Teammates of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh are taking issue with talk that he’s a problem in the locker room.

Former NFL player and current FOX analyst Heath Evans said last week that players on the Lions have told him that Suh shows up late to work and is generally uncontrollable. But two other teammates told the Detroit Free Press that Suh is a good teammate.

“We all hold each other accountable, so he wasn’t late or anything,” Lions defensive tackle Andre Fluellen said. “Nobody was late that I can really remember. I don’t really know what [Evans] said, I can just tell you that he was as good a teammate as you can really ask for.”

Lions running back Reggie Bush said that from the day he arrived in Detroit, Suh has been a positive influence on the team.

“My first encounter with Suh was when I first got there, he called a leadership meeting, leadership council meeting that consisted of some of the veterans on the team,” Bush said. “That kind of said to me that that’s where his mindset was that he maybe wasn’t this person that the media kind of painted him out to be and that he was about the team first, putting the team first and trying to figure out a way to get ourselves to a championship.”

With these types of stories it’s tough to say who to believe. What we can say is that unlike the players who criticized Suh when speaking to Evans, Fluellen and Bush are willing to put their names behind their support of Suh.