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The President calls football “boring as hell”

The Commander-in-Chief hasn’t commandeered his Twitter account, lately, to take shots at the NFL. Last night, he did it the old-fashioned way: By talking.
Football’s boring as hell,” President Donald J. Trump said Sunday night at his first indoor rally since Tulsa, via USA Today. “It’s just not the same, right?”

He added that people once asked that events not be scheduled during football games. He claims that now “they say, ‘can you possibly do it during a football game?’” (Sure they do.)

Although football has become weaponized for political reasons tracing to players who choose to use the platform to speak out against injustice, there’s nothing boring about football. Anyone who watched Sunday’s games know that football definitely isn’t boring.

Now, if you choose not to watch football because you believe it’s too “woke” or whatever the trendy term is to reflect derision for people who value fairness and equality for all, that’s one thing. But don’t claim you’re not watching because it suddenly has become boring, because that is the farthest thing from the truth, even in post-truth America.