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Tom Brady: I had to check myself, focus on marriage a few years ago

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It took a little while for Tom Brady’s interview with Howard Stern to get rolling on Wednesday morning, but it moved into some areas that have rarely been explored during Brady’s time in the spotlight.

One of those areas was his relationship with his wife Gisele Bundchen. Brady discussed their first meeting and how they managed getting together just as he learned that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his oldest son. He also discussed a moment when they were struggling with their marriage a few years ago.

Brady said that he “had to check myself” when Bundchen told him that she “wasn’t satisfied with our marriage.” He said that contributed to his decision to skip OTAs with the Patriots in recent years and shared that he continues to refer to a letter his wife wrote to him during that period.

“I keep it in a drawer and I read it and it was a heartfelt letter that said this is where we are in our marriage,” Brady said.

Brady shared more about their relationship and his feelings about children during the conversation on SiriusXM Radio, which was as candid as we can remember the Buccaneers quarterback being in an interview in a very long time.