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Tom Brady won’t take the bait on Alex Guerrero questions

New York Giants v New England Patriots

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 31: Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady #12 chat before a preseason game with the New York Giants at Gillette Stadium on August 31, 2017 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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Amid numerous reports regarding the decision of the Patriots to restrict the access of trainer Alex Guerrero, the body coach of quarterback Tom Brady and the co-founder of the TB12 method, Brady faced a series of questions on Friday regarding the situation.

Brady seemed to confirm the Guerrero has had his access limited in one breath, but then to spar with reporters in the next.

Asked to explain the impact of not having Guerrero on the sideline, Brady said, “I don’t think about it. I’ve got enough things to think about, so I’m going to go try and win an important game and do what I always do.”
Brady then was asked to explain how he reacted when Belichick explained that Guerrero’s access would be restricted, and Brady bristled, a bit.

“I don’t really agree with your question, so I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Brady said. “How do you know what he said?”

So is the report of restricted access false?
“I’m not saying anything,” Brady said. “I mean, how do you say that he said anything? You don’t know anything about that.”

So did Belichick tell Brady that Guerrero’s access was being limited?

“Well, I have a lot of conversations with him,” Brady said. “Those are private between he and I, and I don’t think anyone knows what we talk about. Certainly I’ve never talked about it. He’s never talked about it.

Eventually the reporters tried it another way, asking whether the talk about Guerrero’s situation has affected Brady’s relationship with Belichick.

“No, I just try to show up and do the right thing and try to win football games,” Brady said. “I let my play do the talking. I try to go out there and I prepare hard every week and I put everything into it. That’s where my focus is. It’s not much beyond that.”

It sure feels like it is. The status quo has changed dramatically, if the multiple reports are true. And neither Belichick nor Brady have said anything to paint the reports as not true.

Brady steadfastly has said he wants to finish his career with the Patriots, and it’s widely believed that Brady would leave only if the Patriots want him to. But if Brady’s close friend becomes sufficiently disgruntled about how he has been treated to consistently try to poison Brady’s mind -- and if some other team out there would be willing to embrace Guerrero and his methods if it means a season or three with Brady, well, things could get interesting in 2018 or 2019.