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Trae Waynes: Wait to officially sign with Bengals has been a headache

Mike Florio takes a look at negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA for the 2020 season and how the players' union may have a disadvantage in talks with the league after agreeing to a new CBA earlier on.

Cornerback Trae Waynes agreed to a three-year, $42 million contract with the Bengals early in the free agency period, but that agreement hasn’t been followed by an official contract at this point.

The Bengals are waiting to formalize things until Waynes can take a physical with the team’s doctors and that wait continues even though Waynes has moved to Cincinnati ahead of his first season with the team. Waynes’ agent said recently that the cornerback has been advised not to do any football drills or otherwise risky workouts because of that decision.

During a recent appearance on the Behind the Mask podcast, Waynes shared his frustration with the process.

“That sh--'s terrible. It’s still going on for me,” Waynes said, via “I signed here, but I ain’t really sign here. It was cool at first and I’m thinking it’ll be done and over with. Ninety percent of the league, it’s done for them. I know Cincy and a couple of other teams, they still ain’t pay nobody or let them take their physicals, so it’s technically still going on. . . . How am I supposed to make myself better, without being able to push myself the way I want to push myself to have success? For me, the free agent thing, it was cool, I was excited for it, but it’s been a f--king headache since it really started.”

Training camp is set to start on July 28 and it’s unclear if Waynes will be able to get the physical taken care of before that point.