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Vince Young texts Jeff Fisher an apology


Vince Young seems to be having second thoughts about his decision to walk out on Jeff Fisher. And now Young is in damage control mode.

ESPN reported today that a source close to Young told Adam Schefter that Young had texted Fisher and apologized on Tuesday. The apology came two days after Young reportedly spewed obscenities at Fisher and stormed out of the Titans’ locker room.

According to the report, Young’s text message thanked Fisher for the opportunity to play for the Titans, wished the team good luck for the rest of the season, asked for Fisher to have faith and confidence in him moving forward, and told Fisher that he and Young both want to win a Super Bowl. (Young presumably had to send more than one text message to get all that groveling across.)

The apology is a sign that Young knows he has screwed up his relationship with his coach, and passing word of the apology on to Schefter is a sign that Young knows he has screwed up his public image as well.

It’s too late for Young’s apology to do anything about the 2010 season, as the Titans are shutting him down because of a thumb injury. And given the way Fisher feels about his quarterback cursing at him in the locker room, it might be too late for Young to do anything about his career in Tennessee. But this apology is a step toward trying to get back in Fisher’s good graces.