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NHL announces zero positive COVID-19 tests during second week of training camp

Relive some of the best moments in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, including some incredible heroics from Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Sidney Crosby, and more.

The NHL announced zero positive COVID-19 results among the 800 players tested during the second week of formal training camps. With that in mind, the NHL notes two positive COVID-19 tests over two weeks of training camp.

This optimistic NHL news comes at a time when people are wondering about the viability of various sports’ return-to-play plans. Most obviously, MLB is going through a crisis after what looks like a COVID-19 outbreak for the Miami Marlins.

As Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy notes, the NHL’s return-to-play bubble could help reduce the odds of an outbreak.

Granted, that doesn’t mean the NHL is immune to experiencing a rash of COVID-19 cases in similar ways to MLB. But it’s reasonable to believe that more travel could create more chances for players and staff to be exposed to COVID-19.

Being that NHL teams traveled to playoff hubs in Edmonton and Toronto during the weekend, expect this to be another pivotal moment as the league tries to hold the 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers.

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Let’s circle back to some of those COVID-19 testing numbers.

Again, during the two weeks of NHL training camp, the league only became aware of two positive tests. The NHL revealed that 6,874 COVID-19 tests were administered.

Previously, the NHL announced that they were aware of 43 positive COVID-19 results during Phase 2 of the Return to Play. That process (which involved skating in small groups at team facilities) began on June 8.

So, basically, the NHL has become aware of 45 positive COVID-19 test results since June 8. Since June 8, the NHL announced about 13,000 COVID-19 tests have been administered.

For those who believe this boils down to the NHL beating its chest about its process, note that the league’s made weekly COVID-19 testing announcements.

And it’s still fair to wonder about this entire process, even if it all results in a fairly friction-less awarding of the 2020 Stanley Cup. After all, the sheer volume of COVID-19 testing could end up astonishing. In its own announcement, the NHL noted daily tests for all 24 teams, which include 52 people (players and staff) apiece. That translates to 1,248 COVID-19 tests per day, and teams won’t be eliminated from the process for a while.

Can the NHL pull this Return to Play off and award the 2020 Stanley Cup? We’ll see.

Should the NHL go through with this? That’s a debate that could go on for a long time. And there’s no guarantee that other COVID-19 testing results will seem as positive for the NHL as the latest one.

(But, yes, this inspires at least temporary optimism that the NHL bubble might have a shot.)

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