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Ovechkin hearing in progress; suspension likely?

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A decision on whether Alex Ovechkin is suspended because of yesterday’s hit will come down within hours, as Alex Ovechkin is currently in a hearing with Colin Campbell, the NHL’s dean of punishments.

Whether he deserves a suspension is the subject of intense debate right now, as it seems the mitigating factor has to do with Brian Campbell’s potentially season-ending injury. It seems that the NHL had originally decided not to suspend Ovechkin but has possibly changed it’s mind after the news of Campbell’s injury came out this morning. That the severity of the injury should affect the punishment is one I cannot agree with, but it’s certainly a factor in Colin Campbell’s decision-making.

Here are some of the highlights of the Twitter debate waging as we speak, from some of the best hockey writers around, after the jump.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie:

I will be surprised if Ovechkin is not suspended for a couple of games. Campbell’s injury is the big factor now.

As for whether injury should be a factor, debate it all day, but it is a primary consideration. In life, as well as the NHL.

Pick your example: DUI, lose ur license. Injure somone while DUI, maybe jail. Bar fight? Simple assault. Injure someone badly. All bets off.

Greg Wyshynski:

Suspending b/c of aftermath=horrible.

@TSNBobMcKenzie We’re really bringing “real world” criminal examples into a sport that features simple assaults every night, Bob?

Elliote Friedman: ough day for NHL -- Savard injury is more serious than Campbell’s, but league can’t say there’s nothing in rules about hitting from behind.

Doesn’t help that this involves Pittsburgh (Cooke) and Washington. Two teams are very sensitive about how each other is treated.

Damien Cox:

NHL had no plans to suspend Ovechkin on Sunday. If they’ve changed their minds now, Caps should appeal.

Blackhawks are obviously squawking to the league over Campbell injury. They may get their way. Some teams have more pull, I guess.

This is the new NHL “code.” No matter what, scream for the other guy to get suspended. It just might happen.

I feel for Colie Campbell. It’s an impossible job. But without a set of parameters, it looks like making it up as they go along.