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PHT’s Eastern and Western Conference Final picks, highlighted by The Coin


If you haven’t caught onto The Coin thing yet -- a 1972 Eisenhower Dollar that we used in Rounds 1 and 2 -- click here to learn all about our new coin overlord (and the relative randomness of making accurate predictions.)


In Round 2, The Coin failed to replicate its Round 1 success (6-2), but it still managed to go a respectable 2-2, making it 8-4 overall. And that, folks, guarantees The Coin a winning record in the postseason. (Yep, only three series left. How sad.)

As for the actual, human PHT staffers in the second round...

Jason Brough: 2-2 (7-5 overall)

Mike Halford: 4-0 (eat it, coin!) (7-5)

Ryan Dadoun: 2-2 (8-4)

James O’Brien: 3-1 (8-4)

Cam Tucker: 4-0 (9-3)

Dhiren Mahiban: 3-1 (8-4)

Conference Finals Picks


Brough: Bolts in 6

Halford: Rangers in 7

Dadoun: Bolts in 6

O’Brien: Bolts in 6

Tucker: Bolts in 6

Mahiban: Rangers in 6

Coin: Bolts


Brough: ‘Hawks in 6

Halford: ‘Hawks in 7

Dadoun: ‘Hawks in 6

O’Brien: ‘Hawks in 7

Tucker: ‘Hawks in 6

Mahiban: ‘Hawks in 7

Coin: ‘Hawks